• April 6, 2023

Threekit Introduces the Revolutionary Magical Product Experience for Manufacturing

Threekit Introduces the Revolutionary Magical Product Experience for Manufacturing

Threekit, a top player in the field of visual commerce technology, is introduced its innovative Magical Product Experiences for Manufacturing. This extensive collection of buyer experiences has been specifically developed to assist manufacturers in presenting their product portfolio and enhancing sales across multiple platforms, such as sales, dealer portals, eCommerce, and other channels.

According to a Gartner study, the manufacturing industry faces a pressing requirement, as 95% of buyers invest their time in conducting digital research independently. Regrettably, most manufacturers fail to offer a superior digital experience that empowers all stakeholders in the buying process to independently investigate the product. The Magical Product Experience suite effectively fills this gap.

The suite comprises an extensive selection of advanced tools, including 3D configuration, visualization of aftermarket parts and services, advanced and parametric configuration, space planning, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Photography, all of which are at the forefront of technology.

Manufacturers Achieve Significant Results through Visual Commerce

Manufacturers who have embraced Threekit Visual Commerce have witnessed impressive outcomes, including amplified sales, higher web-to-lead conversion rates, fewer errors, enhanced post-order manufacturing efficiency, and decreased expenses related to custom renders and photography.

For instance, Ulrich Lifestyle Structures, a prominent player in the industry, saw their sales surge by more than 250% following the deployment of Threekit Manufacturing solutions.

According to Jonathan Ulrich, the CEO of Ulrich, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 3D CPQ is worth a million words — seeing is believing.” Similarly, BostonTec, a leading custom workspace firm, witnessed a 30% surge in their qualified pipeline after implementing the suite.

Leading manufacturers, including Sloan, Hyster-Yale, Steelcase, HP, and Milwaukee Tool, rely on Threekit to elevate their purchasing experience.

Matt Gorniak, the CEO of Threekit, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “Our mission is to empower manufacturers to deliver visual experiences that captivate their buyers throughout the journey. With our advanced visual commerce solutions, manufacturers can now provide the immersive, interactive experiences that today’s buyers demand.”

To discover how Threekit’s Magical Product Experiences for Manufacturing can revolutionize your buyer journey and enhance sales, please visit Threekit.com for further details.

Threekit is a top-notch provider of visual commerce technology, offering manufacturers across the globe immersive and interactive product experiences. With a strong focus on innovation, Threekit equips businesses with state-of-the-art 3D configuration, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Photography solutions, enabling them to enhance customer engagement, boost sales, and minimize expenses.


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